Welcome To G-SPIT

It was 24 years ago I tasted my first lamb on the charcoal spit cooked by my Greek brother in-law, it was love at first sight. I couldn’t believe that a lamb could taste even better than crayfish! I combined my Italian background and other European and South American personal influences to create G-SPIT (Grill Spit). It has a catering division, a range of natural seasonings and our unique stainless steel charcoal bbq/spit that also features Brazilian sword bbqing for home use or commercial.

We also have a specific range of BBQ accessories to take your food to the next level as well as many more suprises in early 2012.

Like our facebook page or leave us your email address at adrian@g-spit.com.au to recieve free information on quick and easy charcoal bbqing and kitchen cooking techniques. Including how to prepare and season  meat like you've never seen before, with a South American and mediterranean influence. There will also be thousands of dollars of prizes to be won including our new stainless steel range of charcoal bbqs, spits and accessories.

'G-SPIT, The outdoor entertaining experts with Flare'

Contact Details

Phone    0402 444 037
Email     adrian@g-spit.com.au